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    Post Too many CODERS >> Too many same hacks

    Hey people what's going on? Yeah so, I don't mean to say anything negative but I think there are just way too many CODERS on MPGH... which is really GOOD but the thing is everyone keeps on making the same hack... well not everyone but most people do. Again I don't mean to say it negatively, but could try making something new, like trying to find a new features or something like that? I have never learned Visual or any programme like that so I don't know anything about it! All I'm trying to say is could the CODERS please release different kind of hacks? It's fun for us people to use it instead of getting bored with using same hacks again and again. I have seen a lot of people saying this in lots of different posts so I started this thread! What do you guys think? Please reply down below! Thanks!

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    There was already a relatively same thread like this before... But like said, if you think new features should be added to a hack, then PM one of the coders with what you're saying. Making a thread like this is not as efficient + this way of making a thread isn't even efficient. So just PM them and hope they take you're idea into consideration.


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