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Basic Differences on Patched/Detected Hacks

  • Hacks that are made recently, and was released after last patch.
  • These hacks, have the latest coding that is specifically made for that specific patch.
  • If the hacks Crashes, it is most likely detected.
  • Detected means that the game detects the file, or the 'MD5 Hash' of the file.
  • Best way to make it undetected again is to Hex edit some text, or use Byte Cipher.
  • You will know if the hack is detected, or it is patched by looking at the date. If the hack is more than a month old, it is most likely Patched.

  • Hacks that are made before the recent patch, are most likely Patched.
  • Patched is when the game files CHANGES for a new update, causing the hacks to become incompatible with the new 'game'.
  • hacks that are made before the patch was coded for that specific patch, unless the coder used Sigscans. Even then, the hacks may become patched.
  • Sigscans are a bunch of scans, that get the latest 'addresses' needed to run the hack. If the signature of the address changes, that means that the hack won't be able to get the right address.
  • These hacks will most likely crash your game, or the hacks just won't work ingame. (The menu, and crosshair may appear, but hacks will not).

Now that you know the basic differences between 'Patched' and 'Detected' Hacks.
Please do not confuse them with each other, and also don't tell everyone that the Detected hacks are Patched. Chances are, you're not using it correctly.

copied from @flameswor10 from the combat arms section

pls dont comment stupid stuff yes i copied it and i felt it was helpful so i wanted to post it here any comment like that will be reported

PAtch mean it don`t work anymore
Detective mean it still work but the game block it if you use it you will get banned