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    all hack information

    its just information for new ones

    -Player Functions
    -ESP/ D3D Functions
    -Aimbot Functions
    -Weapon Hacks

    Player Functions:

    *No Nade Damage: You cant die through grenades.

    *Show FPS: Shows your Framerate.

    *Panic Key: Shutdown all hacks immediately.

    *No Sky: No Sky

    *No Fog: No Fog for you.

    *Fly Hack: You can fly.

    *No Fall Damage: You dont die if you jump from high platforms.

    *OnePositionKill: You can kill all enemys without moving.

    *WTW (Walk through walls): You can walk through walls. (Doesnt include the base)

    *Spy Hack/Stealth Walking: You can leave your Character, then you are able to fly over the map, through walls. But u cannot kill anyone.

    *Master Ghost/Invisible Ghost: As ghost you are 100% invisible, even if you move.

    *No Sky: Kein Himmel

    *AntiFlash: You couldn get glared by a Flashbang

    *AntiAFK: You don't get a kick because of inactivity/being AFK

    *No Zone Damage: You don't get Damage from "Death Zones" (Glichted Positions, like Boxes or Walls)

    ESP/ D3D Functions:

    *Name Esp: You see the enemys names through walls.

    *Weapon Esp: You see the the enemys weapon names through walls.

    *Health Bars: You see the enemy's healthpoints in a bar through the walls.

    *D3D 3D Box Esp: Border's the enemys with red or white oblongs, which could be seen through walls.

    *Player Chams: You see the enemys colored through walls.

    *Wireframe (Skeletons): You see the enemys like a trestle through walls.

    *Fullbright: Your screen gets a refulgence. It's like Gamma ~150

    *Asus/X-Ray: Walls are transparent now.

    *Wallhack: You can see through walls. (Chams, Boxes)

    *Show Ghosts: No wallhack, but you see Ghosts like normal characters.

    *RadarESP: Enemeys will be shown as red points on you MiniMap.

    *No World: Removes walls, etc. -> You only see Player's characters.

    *C4 ESP: The player who is carrieing the C4 will be "colored"

    *Wormhole: teleports you to the opposite wall at the same destination u r looking at

    Aimbot Functions:

    *AimBot: You always hit your enemy - Automatic Aiming through your PC

    *AimBone Selection: What you wan't to hit? Head, Chest, Arms or Legs?

    *Aim Hotkey Selection: Select the key, who activates the auto-aiming.

    *Auto Switch: After a kill, the aimbot switches to another enemy automatically,

    *Visible Checks: Checks the visibility of Players, that the aimbot dont aims at hidden enemys.

    Weapon Hacks:

    *Speed Knife: You are able to slash very fast with your knife.

    *Shotgun Spread: You can shot with Rifles like a Shotgun.

    *SilentClip: You can set the weapon sounds more quite.

    *FireMode: You are able to adjust how your gun is shooting. 1-Shot, Triple Burst, AutoFiring

    *Instant Reload: Your Weapon reloads immediately.

    *Knife Range: Endless range by using your knife.

    *No Spread: Bullets dont spread, 100% straight shooting.

    *No Recoil: Your weapon hasnt any recoil.

    *No Weapon Weight: Every weapon hasnt got a weight.

    *No Weapon Change Delay: Deletes the delay time, if you take out your weapon.

    *OnePositionKill: You can kill all enemys without moving.

    *RapidFire: Every weapon shots very fast, Semi-Automatic Weapons get Full-Automatic.

    *RangeHack: Endless Range with guns. No deficit of power.

    *Speed Knife: You are able to slash very fast with your knife.

    *STW (Shot through walls): Bullets inform walls.

    *Weapon Hack: You can switch skin, and values of your actually weapon.

    *Instant Grenade: Grenades exploding instantly (Before the animation of throwing ends)

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