Attention all Elite Stealth Troops!

March is the month that the Ghosts will Rise Again! Compete in Ghost Mode games all month and win prizes including a new ribbon and the chance to compete for a Permanent Gold Katana!

Silent Soldier Ribbon
Play in 30+ Hours of Ghost Mode in March 2012.
Track your GM hours by checking the event page here.

March of the Ghosts II: Clan Server GM Tournament
Play in Clan Matches between March 1st and 31st and have your chance to compete to win a Gold Katana for your entire clan! Valid Ghost Mode games will be tracked throughout the month and the 2 clans with the best win% in March will face off in a one-game playoff to win a Permanent Gold Katana!

Track your clans wins and losses on the event page here.

Your Clan must have a minimum of 5 members and GM games must be a minimum of 4 players per side and play at least 10 rounds in an 9x2 round Ghost Mode Clan Match. For the full set of tournament rules head over to our community forum by clicking here. Every clan can participate but only 1 will win! Who will stand at the end?

And look out for more Ghost Mode events coming throughout March!

i wanna win that katana. Any active clan willing to let me in there clan so we can all win a perm gold katana