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    Wink Patch Notes 16-03-2012 Royal Dragon Update!

    Quote Originally Posted by [GM]Saidin View Post
    The Royal Dragon Update is here!

    Please be patient during the patching process. You can automatically download the patch from the launcher and the game will update upon execution.

    Don't forget that we have tons of events going on in March!

    March Events
    Ghost Mode Madness - Collect 40 Melee Kills from March 16th to March 18th and receive a 7 Day Breath noise down item! Click here for the event page.

    Silent Soldier Ribbon - Play 30 hours of Ghost Mode in march on all servers and win an exclusive event-only ribbon! Track your hours on the event page!

    March of the Ghosts Tournament - Click here for the event rules and discussion.

    Cross Fire Film Awards - Submissions start at 1pm EDT March 16th and go until March 26th! Click here for the submission page and the rules!

    Royal Dragon Patch Notes!

    If you encounter any installation problems with the patch you may be required to uninstall the game and download a fresh copy from our downloader. For additional technical support problems please visit this thread.

    For a Visual Spoiler of the new weapons and map, please visit the official Royal Dragon Update page by clicking here.

    Mission System Updates
    You now have the ability to purchase a mission card from the in-game mall for the option of setting your own challenges for daily missions.

    Setting your own missions gives you the opportunity to decide how you want to play the game and what prizes (from a set selection of prizes) you want to earn each day.

    Setting your own missions can be completed in addition to the regular daily mission system. And gives you access to more prizes and rewards!

    To check this system out you can see the available missions and potential rewards by clicking the challenge button in the game lobby window. From there select the "change objective" option to change your mission and the rewards. In order to save the new mission however you will need to have a mission card available on the account.

    Mission cards can be purchased from the in-game in the items section.

    In addition to these changes, we have also updated the monthly rewards and the dog-tag rewards for the missions.

    New Weapons
    Royal Dragon ZP Super Crate added!
    Permanent M4A1 Royal Dragon
    Permanent Mauser Royal Dragon
    Permanent Kukri Royal Dragon
    XM8 Spring added! - Dog Tag Reward - Temporary
    Ruger Bisley added! - BM Coupon Exchange - Temporary
    Wrench Melee weapon added! - BM Coupon Exchange - Temporary
    Bronze Grenade added! - Monthly mission rewards - Temporary
    New Items
    Leopard Bandana added! (+10% exp)
    Camo Bandana added!
    New Maps
    Elimination Map - EM Terminal added!
    FFA Map - FFA EagleEyes added!
    Improved the in game Character HUD when killed
    Improved the Exit screen to better show mission progress
    Improved some display stats on the end-game screen
    Fixed a display bug on the character profile with misaligned text for Escape stats
    Fixed a bug with the help texts in some ZM games
    Fixed a graphical spelling mistake with a banner sign on SnD Factory
    Fixed a HUD Display error with the Xeno Mutant kill feed
    Fixed a graphical error when viewing a model using the M16 A3 in third person

    What do you guys think?

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    I think the guns look pretty damn sweet Especially the Mauser.

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    It is already posted in here ... even before it was put up at Z8Games
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    What he said^.

    Follow the official thread.

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