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    English Only Forum!

    There's way too much spamming going on with all the non-English posts. You should know that this is an English ONLY forum. Nothing else. Thread releases MUST be in English, posts MUST be in English and replies MUST be in English. If we minions see that you're posting something that is not in English, then you will have your post deleted, and you may be warned or infracted.

    We do have our sub sections, where you're allowed to speak the designated language of what ever the original language of that crossfire version has.

    Cross Fire Europe Hacks - English

    Cross Fire Philippines Hacks - Tagalog, English

    Cross Fire Latin America and Brazil Hacks - Brazillian Portuguese, English

    Cross Fire Russia Hacks - Russian, English

    Listed which sections are international and what languages you can speak in them.

    This will only be stickied for a week or a little more. We don't plan on keeping this up for long.
    Thank you for your cooperation!

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