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    Cool Invisible Hack With All Modes..

    The Point Of Posting This Thread Is For.. Making You To Get Jelly =D
    Ya i know you can see ..
    What All You Can See
    Wall Hack
    Invisible Hack
    No Recoil/CrossHair

    What There Really Have
    Wall Hack
    Invisible Hack (All Modes)
    No Recoil/CrossHair
    No Reload
    OHK with knife and m16
    Teleport Hack (5 Times A Game =D)
    Walk Thru Wall (5 Times A Game =D)
    Go Thru The Floor/Go To UnderMap (1 time a game..)
    See Ghost
    Speed Knife
    Anti-Chat Block
    Multi Marcos [u can press F5 F6 F7 F8 to do marcos.. the h4ck can let you do more than that ..]
    1 Extra Live On ZM (if u get killed 3 time u got to left the game right? but this h4ck make u not left the game =D)
    Low 20% Damage (when someone hit u.. u get damage like 50 .. and the h4ck make it lower.. like i hit u 100 hp and u using h4ck so it go to 80 hp ..)
    Fly Hack (not really fly.. but it give alot error .. it almost like fly glitch .. when u move u fall down..)
    S + Space/W+Space Speed (When you bhop backward or forward u will jump a bit faster..)
    No Bug Damage
    No Grende Damage
    No Falling Damage
    No Smoke
    No Flash
    Shorter (make u go shorter then people hard to hit u)

    Dont Beg Me For This Hack ;D i just want make u jelly

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