Crossfire north america for north Americans /Canadians/ Mexicans. Oh k a lot of Brazilians have nice accounts, i get it but They complain and they kick "mini pings" or if they don't kick you then they just turn on there hacks. If pings is such a big problem to them then why don't they play crossfire brazil? I played it an i got 36 ping in the us sever for the game, that's lower than what i get in crossfire na. All i'm saying is for the Brazilians that complain , just sell your account for some zp and start playing your own game. How they now have ping restrictions(for new accounts) ,why doesn't z8 just stop them from hacking on our game and make it a legit game with a legit community, have no idea? Z8 games is all about money, brazilians pay the majority of there expenses.

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