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    Even with more OMM's, the trading will never be safe. There will always be people who recover. But I do think we need more Omm's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsqa View Post
    MPGH should increase amount of OMMs and make them mandatory. 99% of the deals are scam and I got scammed 2 times and the 3rd time I was in the lucky 1%. But that should not happen anymore I just lost 40$ and I am pretty sure others have felt the pain I did. The trading section here sucks, it needs reform.
    We staff and other good fellow MPGH members always tell you to use an OMM. It is highly recommended to the max, but it isn't mandatory, aspeople already decide to do trades without MM for their own reasons. Many people don't even go to an official MM and say "I would like you to MM my trade" - hence you're not being initiative. As a result, you get scammed or not get scammed. It's your fault if you don't go ask an Official MM to monitor your trade. Also to mention Cross Fire trading isn't safe to begin with, and that's because of the ways people can recover an account. So don't go blaming the section.

    If we think we need more MMs, we'll get more MMs.


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