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Yes it was, I won't argue about this. You really believe that 2009 is the first year (what they write in the players profile)?
No I don't believe that 2009 was the first year because I'm one of the few who played the game in its beta during late 2008. The original crossfire i.e. crossfire korea was released in Korea in 2007 and adding up the years since its release until now, it counts to 5 years (2007+5years = 2012) that proves that even the first version of crossfire hasn't reached its sixth year completion let alone you playing the na version of it six years ago. Now I don't need to assume here but its pretty obvious that you either started playing cf na or cf eu both of which were released for public on 30-jan-09 and 31-aug-11 respectively. The beta release of crossfire came around later months of 2008 and even if we include the beta version, its still 4 years since crossfire na came into existence.

I think you'll have nothing to argue with now, da frate?