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"LOL, who said I was a tech? Who said I knew it all? I'm simply telling you something that I have personally experienced/dealt with."

telling people they will get banned for posting their IGNs in MPGH forums is not sharing your personal experiences, it's assuming the same endings will happen to them just because you got your own fails already. And that is the illusion of knowing the truth when calling tech bullshit to try to prove something in your speech.

"Why are you assuming all this? Did any of those words come out my mouth, because I sure don't recall any of that. And I didn't pick anything from their forums. These are all words that are implanted into my mind."

Wow, in 3 sentences you can contradict yourself.

"They can check anywhere in their system if someone has hacked. They can find out anything a player has done, by checking their system. They can even find out what items a player has won. But that's besides the point. The MAIN reason why one simply loses his honorable is for using third-party or malicious programs. Others is for being rude to the community."

Like I said, not the crazy talk you were saying in the previous post about banning someone by checking for their honorable ribbons. I guess that's your own words from your own mind since they didn't write that nonsense shit in their forums.

And again, they can't know if you hacked into their gaming engine if they can't even detect you hacked in the first place. Only if they request X-trap server to take screenshots every now and then while you play, going to their database logs. That's for when they're investigating a reported player case or suspicious hacking activities. There's a racional explanation for everything, your mind's implanted words don't come with any. You assume they can ban by getting an IGN from nowhere, but you can't explain how getting the wrong IGN from the right hacker will make justiçe. Ow that's right, they don't care.

"The point is, there's a 50/50 percent chance of you getting banned on Z8 for posting in game. Why do you think most of the higher people in the CF section don't do it? TO AVOID THIS HAPPENING."

You can't help changing the subject do you? No one here is talking about posting in game. Remember the whitchcraft you told us.

"It has happened to people on here, and other forums. Go ask. They will even tell you. Then again, it has happened to my friend, and the account i'm playing with currently ."

So that's your so called facts? that's the main reason why you said posting names in a hack supporting website give them the the beliefs to ban whoever's IGN you post here? If you want to reason with such facts then I must say I posted my IGN here two weeks ago and I still didn't get banned. You can talk to @poedeltje
and the whole MPGH CF giveaway team about their pub giveaways here on MPGH, most of the accounts didn't get banned, only the best ones which got banned by players who don't like to share accounts. So does this count to your 50/50 chances aswell? screw the 50/50 chances. Or it's true, or it's BS.

"So I don't know why you're getting into all that "techy shit", because it is pointless."

Techy shit? LOL you were the one going along with your techy shit about ip magic and ribbons, I just corrected your techy shit, that's all. If something here is pointless, it's not called logic and common sense. that's for sure.

"But then again you seem like you have nothing better to do. Hence the whole passage written above. But if that helps you "support your sayings" then you go right ahead."

The whole passage written above is what it took to unveal the bullshit behind your words. Sure I have better things to do than discussing what's the left and the right side of thing, but as long as people like you come to these forums to talk about aliens and shit, I need to break your spaceship before someone mentally weak
falls for your black hole and dies in nescience. You should thank me for cleaning that straight and not supporting 'facts' which you can't even support . But I guess you're not capable to go back with your word, since you already demonstrated that you always have to be at the right side of everything, even after I've showed you the wrong you are.

"So before you call me spoiled, get your facts straight, because OBVIOUSLY don't know shit about me, or my story. Get to know a person before you go off judging a book based on its cover."

You were the one judging me in the first place, 'cuse you can't handle questions which you can't explain so you cross over logic and start insulting, like that's gonna raise your credibility. That's the first glance of a spoiled person. You have no story on this subject, therefore your book is a lack of content.
Face the real facts.

See? I just lost like 5 minutes writting shit down in each sentence of yours, pointing out every little bullshit that should be said to someone like you. In a way I'm helping you with your own personality, believe me.
I'm sorry but I am not reading your bullshit essays. But like I said, go ahead and contact Z8 yourself and come back with the results they send to you since "you're right". Too bad you aren't Or i'll just do it myself. I didn't judge you first. I was explaining things, and then you just added your two sense, and started being a dick about the whole situation. Why should I be respectful to such an ignorant person? Sorry that's now how my rule book goes. This world needs less people like you. Ignorant, downgraded bastard.