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Its jst your fuckin will dude... I would never let my friends down for this fuckin game... All you ve to do is to have a better will power to over come ur addiction. I didn't tell you not to play, play but jst for pleasure sake dont make it a habit
Respect (Y)

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So My Parents Were Right When They Tried To Prevent Me from Playing Cf LOL

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I am too addicted to the same shit,

This is the final year of my high school, I am really fucked up, didnt study its already half year gone here.
Didnt sit on PC or take my mobile for 4 days due to my school works, woke until 1'o clock midnight.

Now I am mad, still didnt get on cf, almost got myself controlled.
Oh, Actually Studying Is Much Important For Me Than Cf So I Stop Playing Until The Summer Holiday, That's Not Easy But U'll Use To Do It