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    CF calculator preview

    Account Calculator
    Alot of people have been asking for price checks lately, so I decided to post weapons' prices. Well, here are the prices and how each account is judged and based on what will it be priced.

    Ribbons start to count when they go over 20.
    The Honorable Soldier Ribbon: costs 10$ based on the rank. If the account's rank is above or equal to 2nd LT or higher. The money added is as follows:
    30 Ribbons: extra 7$
    40 Ribbons: extra 14$
    These prices are followed until 50 ribbons could be available.

    That concludes it for Ribbons


    The ranks don’t matter a lot unless requested for or are high enough. Here are the prices of the ranks (Pictures included):

    Trainee: 0$
    Private: 0$
    PFC: 0$
    Corporal: 0$
    Sergeant: 0$
    Staff Sergeant: 0$
    SFC: 0$
    Master Sergeant: 0$
    2nd LT: 5$
    1st LT: 10$
    Captain: 18$
    Major: 25$
    Lieutenant Colonel: 30$
    Colonel: 40$
    Brigadier General: 50$
    Major General: 60$
    Lieutenant General: 67$
    General: 75$
    Marshal: 90$

    This concludes it for Ranks.

    Permanent Items

    Those permanent items are hats.
    They were once available on crossfire. They were in GP crates. It was in 2009’s Halloween and Christmas. So anyway, these hats are only 4. They are:
    1. Witches Hat
    2. Pumpkin Hat
    3. Santa’s Hat
    4. Rudolf Hat

    Those hats are all worth 3$ each. The whole set would be worth 15$ incase all of the previous items are available.
    This concludes it for Permanent Items.

    Temporary Items

    Temporary Items include those that are won from crates or bought from the items shop.
    There are ZP and GP temp. items. They only count when they last a year or more. Those that count if they last 1 year or more are:
    ZP items
    1. Shock absorber = 5$ per year
    2. Exp Plus = 10$ per year
    GP items
    1. C4 setup/defuse kit = 1$ per year
    2. Expand grenade slots = 1$ per year
    3. Noise down breath = 0.5$ per year
    4. Noise down footsteps = 0.5 $ per year
    5. Bag 3 = 2$ per year
    6. Bag 4 = 2$ per year

    Apparently the ones that are Not won from crates are more expensive since they are bought specifically not randomly won.
    This concludes it for Temporary Items.

    This is the main thing that accounts are priced based on.

    This is still just a draft, it's not fully checked or completed.
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