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    Would you be interested...?

    (For the moment this is a HYPOTHETICAL PROPOSITION. Smart people will come to some conclusions on how this would all work...but don't read too far into it atm.)

    Would you be willing to purchase a blank (brand new) CF account created by a US/CA(Canada...not "Combat Arms" like the tooltip says...) citizen (for you BRs who may be interested...) that was filled with over $100 or more worth of ZP at 40-60% of the amount of the cost?

    EXAMPLE: $200 in ZP * .60 (60%) = $120

    Or would you also perhaps purchase Karma Koin cards at 50%-70% of their value?

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    BUMP because some tweed wanted to post about his ping and someone else wanted to show off their hacks but claim they were legit...
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