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    Quote Originally Posted by Idle Farming View Post
    Lmao i remember that day. Same happend to CN.

    It depends, your EXP gain will be very low compared to the VIP players.. and more effort is required, how much exp do you actually need? and what sort of gear are you using? If you want me to farm in TDM a kris mele is required.
    I have any alt account which I don't really have time to rank up, so I want it to be rank farmed.
    Old Name: legend321
    jamiets89 (Trusted)(I went first, no mm)
    Lataler(Very Trusted)(He went first both times, no mm)
    Night_Hawk(+1 Vouch)(Traded 2 accs, he went first, trusted , no mm)
    [S]LIFER(+1 Vouch)(He farmed first then I gave him acc info through pm, trusted )
    GuyLoco(Trusted)(He went first, no mm used XD)
    al3xman(+1 Vouch)(Used omm Time, through teamviewer )
    duder7337 (dont trust this guy, he scammed my master serg )
    Am i evil?/Authentic. (Recovered account a week later )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leggers View Post
    I have any alt account which I don't really have time to rank up, so I want it to be rank farmed.
    Any VIP AK's? if not any exp boosts? how much exp are you looking for? do you have a kris?

    At the momment im currently farming for someone, so you'll have to wait.

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