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    Coupon Changes

    Attention Gold Weapon collectors!

    We are announcing today that the Golden M4A1 and Golden AK47 available for 100 coupons as a permanent item will be put into the vault after the September Update.

    What does this mean?

    Well it means that we have 2 new permanent 100 coupon golden weapons to introduce to you soon.

    What are they you ask? Well, we're going to hold on to that secret for just a little while longer. But we want to give ample opportunity for players to pick up these 2 soon-to-be rare golden weapons available in the game right now!

    A whole Arsenal of Weapons is expected in September, with 5 new weapons coming in and the return of the WCG packages as well! So be sure to save your GP to pick up some exclusive WCG weapons to be able to compete like the pros!;

    Threads:2 Coupon Weapon Changes - September - Z8Games
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