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    Thanks for the giveaway. Although I do not need the account, it's always fun trying to win something.

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    Why I want it: Actually, the "I" should change to my "my friend". You see, I have a special friend who I try my absolute best to make the happiest camper whenever I can. I've let him down on a few occasions before, and I feel pathetic for that. He sees me as a big bro, and I see him as my little bro. Recently, he's caught some interest in CrossFire (since he's a diehard shooter fan). He has asked me to make an account for him for his upcoming 13th birthday, but after seeing this, I thought why make an account when I can get him a high ranked starting account? And teach him the basics on it. If I don't win, I'll still make him an account because I promised I would get him one either way

    ~Good luck everyone!
    ☆ Rounds

    • +1 Massive. (Bought an account from him)
    • +1 MikyMiky123 (Sold an account to him)
    • +1 Nephtunee (Traded 2 accounts for one of his)

    • TRRTT (Took a $10 UGC from me)
    • Matjaz4532 (Attempted to take my account by portraying Approved. on Skype)

    ☁ Skype: DannyMayne.

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