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    Dumping some more accounts here

    Just wanted to get some accounts off my email since they are not being used I thought i'd help out others who might need them, or just want to mess around with the real owners. Please do not use these accounts for cheating, I do not approve of cheating at all. They need to be taught a lesson for trying to cheat.

    Note: Some of the passwords may be changed since these accounts are 2 days old, and there were plenty of nice accounts in there. So yeah I might have changed a few passwords to some accounts. I don't know if you guys play CF AL, but there's a nice CF AL account in there..

    Username : juanfer07 Password: terri101 SQ: cali
    Username : paulojose14 Password: 123456789 SQ: torraltinha
    Username : Profetadede Password: JeanJony22 SQ: cf
    Username : modyman10 Password: s7sbomb SQ: El Nasr
    Username : mestrde41 Password: 010751293 SQ: 010751293
    Username : dawindowsyad Password: daesso123 SQ: cairo
    Username : karlos888888 Password: Karlos11 SQ: Karlos119999
    Username : bar1tac1god3 Password: asdfghz1 SQ: robert frost
    Username : baddestbeast Password: blue123 SQ: playboymantion
    Username : DayvissonDec Password: 81447823 SQ: Ação
    Username : decomaluco12 Password: 81447823 SQ: Ação
    Email : Password: allsexk90 USN: 18913625
    Username : theonekimo Password: allsexk90 SQ: seuz
    Username : bodybanna7 Password: alimohamed05 SQ: body5
    Username : dawindowssya Password: daesso123 SQ: harry potter
    Username : 01110175053 Password: mohamedlove SQ: kiazer
    Username : alanirgy2112 Password: sasuke2112 SQ: 111111
    Username : terroboys Password: terroboys SQ: caine
    Username : kossovaro96 Password: tnerolf SQ: ismetgashi
    Username : anonCALL Password: hamzah SQ: king
    Username : mucahit67 Password: 2351997 SQ: saw2
    Username : zezooyosry Password: 753951 SQ: whatisyourname
    Username : lucapapi Password: lucapapi57 SQ: baussano
    Username : djperry Password: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr SQ: asdasdassf
    Username : davida155 Password: matheus123 SQ: asasa
    Username : blackrose50 Password: 0189209633 SQ: lycee
    Username : q8sonic1 Password: 96680as SQ: kuwait
    Username : alun3533 Password: cyc3838438 SQ: fhs
    Username : arun3533 Password: cyc3838438 SQ: fhs
    Username : zoooma13 Password: 0111072748 SQ: sidi gaber
    Username : ahmedeino321 Password: 01222345642 SQ: honday
    Username : xpx7 Password: 6938828 SQ: sloom
    Email : Password: 6938828 USN: sloom
    Username : mahmoudalfa Password: 0110560245 SQ: a7a
    Email : Password: mido123456 USN: 18049659
    Username : GHAYLONG200 Password: 1937864521 SQ: 1937864521
    Username : wojuliano Password: wo8754321 SQ: wo8754321
    Username : gamerxxx25 Password: punkid115 SQ: mika
    Username : ivanwong5 Password: 88090339 SQ: spike
    Username : Shurt Password: loukodoido SQ: asas [br]
    Username : gamuu Password: jaamrehan SQ: crossfire
    Email : Password: tayho895328 USN: 11521823
    Username : alrayaschool Password: milano12 SQ: beso
    Username : GamerZoner Password: 210382fcs SQ: 210382fcs
    Username : wow4ev Password: pgkhzhyh123 SQ:
    Email : Password: Kleopatra99 USN:
    Username : kinggilbert1001 Password: aneyeforaneye SQ: 123456
    Username : naderhazem20 Password: ionbondnader SQ: newvision
    Username : maxmax221197 Password: 22674037 SQ: 22674037
    Username : wadawee31 Password: christian143 SQ: maeludy143
    Username : Solid2000 Password: mabbolino10 SQ: mabbolino10
    Username : dico96949694 Password: dragon1212 SQ: ljheofrnip
    Username : arun3533 Password: cyc3838438 SQ: fhs
    Username : hosamelden1 Password: 123456hosam SQ:
    Username : minahazem20 Password: youngmina SQ: newvision
    Username : modamer90 Password: 0169922780 SQ: mohemad
    Email : Password: camaleon123 USN:
    Username : nadamano Password: 012153054321 SQ: cairo
    Username : Gabrielmonty Password: radarada5 SQ: radarada5
    Username : Venom698 Password: 210382fcs SQ: 210382fcs
    Username : joaguirre Password: bocajunior SQ:
    Username : elielcandido Password: bolinha23 SQ: apolo
    Username : assult123 Password: nepalianil SQ: blenman
    Username : alexcapeta20 Password: alex82002064 SQ: alex82002064
    Username : LegitCale Password: calerocks SQ: jskdjw
    Email : Password: USN: m4a1gold
    Email : Password: alexf14 USN:
    Username : jojo1210 Password: leo612 SQ:
    Username : wow4ev Password: pgkhzhyh123 SQ:
    Email : Password: deathgrind USN:
    Username : moaaz1111 Password: moaazthrking SQ: cf
    Username : alexcapeta1 Password: alex82002064 SQ: 82002064
    Username : fathyem Password: 123456321422 SQ: 123456321422
    Username : fathyem66 Password: 12345698777 SQ: 12345698777
    Username : 0284419 Password: asdf1234 SQ: lightning
    Username : DJYaaYo Password: gunsandroses SQ: Dorrego [crossfire brasil]
    Profile: Z8Games
    Username : klatschdir Password: EricKoehler SQ: baden-baden
    Username : prosup258 Password: cinturon SQ: suddenattack
    Email : Password: Jin8whim USN:
    Username : kowaslky Password: juniorandres SQ: guerra
    Username : molongata Password: mola42 SQ: angel
    Username : elvisr14 Password: marhm16 SQ: shadow
    Username : elvisr19 Password: marhm3 SQ: mario
    Username : kovans Password: kkkkkk04 SQ: guerra
    Username : phonedbus Password: 147852369 SQ: gabi
    Email : Password: osopolar32 USN: 16675637
    Email : Password: Chewbacca USN:
    Username : elvisr15 Password: marhm3 SQ: mario
    Email : Password: jin8whim USN: 5045
    Email : Password: Testcfna13 USN: 18834005
    Email : Password: moaaz123369987 USN: 17782236
    Username : mezomota Password: mo3aztheking SQ: crossfire
    Email : Password: Vladimirkiko USN:
    Username : sadnessvn Password: abcd911 SQ: dat
    Email : Password: moaaz123369987 USN: 17782236
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    thanks for sharing i guess :P

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    Thanks a lot for this!

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    Thanks For Sharing

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