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    [WCW] World CrossFire Weekends!

    Attention Mercenaries!

    Every Weekend in June, Join us in game and play Soccer Mode for Awesome Prizes!!

    **Event Details**

    Event Dates:
    - June 14-15
    - June 21-22
    - June 28-29
    - July 5-6

    Play Soccer Mode 5 times during the event Weekends and get awesome prizes!

    Every weekend you play consecutively wins you better and better prizes!

    Play one Weekend Consecutively and win: 7 day Green Soccer Ball name Tag
    Play two Weekends Consecutively and win: 7 Day Soccer Cap
    Play three Weekends Consecutively and win: 7 Day Soccer Grenade
    Play four Weeekends Consecutively and win: 7 Day M14

    Prize Distribution will begin the Monday after each weekend.

    Track your progress Here!

    Players who complete all four weekends will also be entered into a draw to have a GM Event named after them! Unfortunately, there can only be one winner for the Grand Prize, but don't miss your chance to have a CrossFire event named after you!

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