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    Patch Notes - Rise of Champions - August 13, 2014

    Attention Mercenaries!!

    New Champions Will Rise!

    Do you have what it takes to stand on top of the rest?

    **New Mode**

    Auto Tournament - Create your own tournaments, invite only those you want, decide what prizes you want to give, prove you are better than the rest!

    For the full Guide, click Here!

    **New Maps**

    New Greece - A small town in Greece, where the villagers have fled because it has been turned into a battle ground of destruction!

    Seizure - An Oil Rig platform in an undisclosed location has been taken over by terrorists. Infiltrate the platform and prepare yourself for a long-distance fire fight!

    **New Weapons**

    AK-47-A Knife Red Dragon - 1st Update - Limited Time Sale!
    Barrett M82A1-Red - 1st Update - Limited Time Sale
    870P Breachers - 1st Update - GP Crate Weapon
    **** ***** ***** * - 2nd Update
    **** ***** - 2nd Update

    **New Coupon Items**

    VSK-94 Digital Camo Sniper Rifle(90 Day)
    M1858 New Army Pistol(90 Day)
    VHS Assault Rifle (90 Day)

    **New Events**

    Click the Banners for Full Details!


    Attention Mercenaries,

    Can you smell what the rock is cooking?!?!

    ...It's my breakfast, because it is wicked hot outside right now. Which makes it the perfect time for the Hot Summer crate to be introduced to the Black Market.

    But you know what's even hotter than this Hot Summer? Dragons.

    So as a bonus, From August 13th to August 17th, anyone who manages to win either the AK-47-Knife-Red Dragon, or the Barret M82A1-Red Dragon from the Hot Summer crates will also receive 10 bonus Aug A1 Red Dragon crates.

    Too long; didn't read? Really?

    Duration: Wednesday, August 13th - Sunday, August 17th
    Requirements: Win one of the Best Items in the Hot Summer crate, either the Barrett M82A1-Red Dragon or the AK-47-A Knife Red Dragon, and get a bonus:

    Bonus: 10 Aug A1 Red Dragon ZP crates


    Attention Mercenaries,

    I am currently writing this to you as I melt in my chair due to the blazing summer heat. I'm guessing many of you are suffering from the same affliction so, to get our minds off all this heat and to inaugurate the new Tournament Mode, we will be holding our very own auto-tournaments.

    For the next three weeks, there will be a GM hosted Auto-Tournament room that will span the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of that week.

    The tournaments will have 8 teams participate in a single elimination format. Registration for these tournaments will be a first come first serve basis so make sure you and your friends sign up quickly to secure your spot.

    The Tournaments for this event will be created by [GM]Castiel and no one else.

    Dates and Times:
    Round 1 - Wednesday August 13th, Semi-Finals - Thursday August 14th, Finals - Friday August 15th
    Time: 9:00 PM EDT
    Tournament No.: 9

    Round 1 - Wednesday August 20th, Semi-Finals - Thursday August 21st, Finals - Friday August 22nd
    Time: 6:00 PM EDT
    Tournament No.: TBD

    Round 1 - Wednesday August 27th, Semi-Finals - Thursday August 28th, Finals - Friday August 29th
    Time: 3:00 PM EDT
    Tournament No.: TBD

    Everyone loves prizes so here is what we have lined up:

    First Prize:
    - 10,000 ZP
    - Tiger Collection Package (only available to the Winners of the GM Auto Tournaments!):
    - AWM-Tiger 7 day
    - Kukri-Tiger 7 day
    - Desert Eagle-Tiger 7 Days
    Second Prize:
    - 5,000 ZP and a pat on the back

    Participation Prize:
    August 13 - September 10

    Every player who participates in ANY auto-tournament from August 13 - September 10 will receive the following prizes:

    - M4A1-Bronze 7 Days
    - Bronze Grenade 7days

    To properly qualify for the participation prizes, you must play in the tournament until you are either eliminated or you win! Remember, you can only win the participation prizes once!

    Players who leave early, or leave during their match, or who do not show up for their matches and are disqualified will not receive the prize!

    **Prize Distribution**
    First and Second Place Prizes will be distributed after each tournament ends.
    Participation Prizes will be distributed 24-48 hours after you successfully qualify!

    So hone your skills and gather your allies. The time has come to show everyone that YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!!!!

    Attention Mercenaries,

    You know what I love the smell of in the morning? Oil! Preferable being used to cook some delicious Greek food. So when they told me we were adding the maps Seizure and New Greece to CrossFire I was ecstatic. After being saddened that it didn't mean free greek food.

    So to inaugurate the addition of these two maps we're holding another event.

    Between Friday, August 15th and Sunday, August 17th; Play 15 Games on Seizure or New Greece (any combination) and get 150 kills between both maps (again any combination) and receive the Dual Colt-Red Dragon (7 days) and the Field Shovel-Red Dragon (7 days)

    Too long; didn't read.

    Duration: Friday, August 15th - Sunday, August 17th
    Requirements: 15 Games and 150 kills only on New Greece and Seizure (any combination)
    Dual Colt-Red Dragon (7 days)
    Field Shovel-Red Dragon (7 days)

    So load up and Seize those Oil Rigs and take New Greece.

    You can check your progress Here! --> Once it's ready.

    Prize distribution will begin August 18!

    **Patch Notes**
    - Tournament Mode Added
    - Seizure Map Unlocked
    - New Greece Map Unlocked
    - Hot Summer Crate Unlocked for a limited time
    - Golden Desert Eagle Removed
    - M4A1 - Custom Removed
    - SL8 Removed
    - FIXED - Bug with Headshot Mode on Arena TD that only applied the mode to the host
    - FIXED - Bug where crates were announcing minor prizes being won
    - In Progress - Quick Join feature will now find rooms, but minor bugs must still be resolved
    - In Progress - Devastated City Spin kick bug
    - In Progress - Equipping mutation Jacket will remove Bulletproof Vest

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    Hate the changes to the coupon system

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    No new ribbons ? -..-

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    There goes more permanent coupon weapons.

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    The Golden D.E and M4-C Perms for these shitty TEMPS?
    Now we have only three shitty guns that are perm for coupons.
    No ribbons , bunch of temps and crates you wont win per usual.
    Good Job Z8gays.

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    1 vouch for -Silverz (i went first without OMM very fast)
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    Lol, they're still trying.

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