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    Post Patch Notes - Rocket And Revolvers Update + 2.5M ZP Giveaway

    Attention Mercenaries!

    Rockets and Revolvers abound. The sun's now lost it's light.
    Troubles coming to burn you down, so be ready for a fight.
    -[GM]Castiel, 2-bit poet
    ** New Mode **

    Bazooka-Knife - Only available on the Red Eye TD map. Play a high stakes game of dodgeball as you bob and weave past rockets to fight your enemies!

    ** New Maps **

    Red Eye - A laboratory environment where soldiers trained to increase their combat reflexes and maneuverability. The result allowed the soldiers to see bullets in slow motion yet react and move at the same speed.

    Western - It's a showdown at the CrossFire Corral. Hunt down the outlaws that escaped your grasp and into an olde-west ghost town. Use the weapons that were left behind to bring them to justice.

    ** New Weapons **

    M98B - 1st Update - New Weapon available in the shop.

    M4A1-S-Blue Pottery - 1st Update - Limited Time Sale
    AK-47-Blue Pottery - 1st Update - Limited Time Sale
    Kris-Blue Pottery - 1st Update - Limited Time Sale
    * Blue Potter Weapons Only available until October Update

    Dual Colt-Volcano - 1st Update - New Dog Tag Reward (90 days)

    [*Redacted - Classified Info*] - 2nd Update
    [*Redacted - Classified Info*] - 2nd Update
    [*Redacted - Classified Info*] - 2nd Update
    [*Redacted - Classified Info*] - 2nd Update
    [*Redacted - Classified Info*] - 2nd Update

    ** New Character **

    ARCH - Marshall Only Character - Available in Shop for GP

    ** New Equipment **

    Douglas - ARCH Only - Headgear (Marshall Only)
    Independance - ARCH Only - Goggles (Marshall Only)
    Honor Guard - ARCH Only - Waist Gear (Marshall Only)

    ** New Events **

    Attention Mercenaries!

    To celebrate the release of the new 'Back to School' sprays, we're going to be running a special contest on Twitter where you could WIN 5,000 ZP!

    To submit an entry, take a screenshot of your character in game with either of the new Back to School sprays in the background. Once you have that screenshot, tweet it with the hashtag #CFSpray&Play23 on September 23rd and #CFSpray&Play30 on September 30th.

    Please make sure you have the proper hashtag for the indicated date or your entry will not qualify.
    Additionally please make sure that your IGN is visible in the screenshot so that we can award you the prize if you are selected.

    On September 23rd and September 30th the GMs will randomly select 20 players that qualified for that day and will award those 20 players with 5,000 ZP. The GMs will be searching twitter using the above hashtags, so make sure they are there!!

    Prizes will be handed out on Sept 24th and Oct 1st respectively, and we will list the winners!!

    Event Times & Tags
    Date: September 23rd - Tag: #CFSpray&Play23
    Date: September 30th - Tag: #CFSpray&Play30

    Prize Distribution:
    Sept 23rd will be distributed on Sept 24th
    Sept 30th will be distributed on Oct 1st

    Attention Mercenaries!

    Daily training is an important part of keeping your wits and reflexes sharp. However, you can't just train for 5 minutes and expect gains. That's why we're going to test your Endurance!

    From September 18 → September 24th, The longer that you are in the new maps (actually playing, sitting in the lobby won't count) the more prizes you will win. Please note that only playing games in Red Eye TD or Western EM will count for this event.

    Play for 1 hour and win a Black Muzzle Flame (1 day)
    Play for 2 hours and win a Rainbow Muzzle Flame (3 days)
    Play for 4 hours and win 5 KTR-08 RT crates
    Play for 8 hours and win 5 MG3 Crates
    Play for a total of 12 hours and win 10 Combat Axe - Royal Dragon Crates

    You have from September 18th to September 24th to achieve the hours listed above. So even though this is an endurance test, don't be afraid to take a break if you need to. After all, gains are no good if you hurt yourself in the process.

    Prize distribution will begin on the 25th. As always please allow up to 48 hours for prizes to arrive before sending a ticket.

    Event Duration: September 18th → September 24th
    Event Details:
    Play on Red Eye TD and Western EM for the indicated time to win the indicated prize.
    -Play for 1 hour and win a Black Muzzle Flame (1 day)
    -Play for 2 hours and win a Rainbow Muzzle Flame (3 days)
    -Play for 4 hours and win 5 KTR-08 RT crates
    -Play for 8 hours and win 5 MG3 Crates
    -Play for a total of 12 hours and win 10 Combat Axe - Royal Dragon Crates

    Prize Distribution: September 25th

    Attention Mercenaries!

    With a new patch comes new crates and weapons. And this time we have a triple header. The Blue Pottery Crate will give you an opportunity to win the brand new, M4A1-S-Blue Pottery, AK-47-Blue Pottery and Kris-Blue Pottery.

    What makes these so good you ask? Well... for a short time, getting one of these could net you ZP!

    From September 18th → September 21st, we will be giving away 50,000 ZP to the first 50 winners of any of the Permanent Weapons in the new Blue Pottery Crate added in the Rockets and Revolvers Update.

    Event Duration: September 18th → September 21
    Event Details: Be one of the first 50 players to win the M4A1-S-Blue Pottery, AK-47-Blue Pottery, or Kris-Blue Pottery and receive 50,000 ZP.
    Prize Distribution: Will begin on September 22nd

    Disclaimer: You can only win the 50,000 ZP once!

    ** Patch Notes **

    - Anti-Cheat Tool (effective against latest Cheat Software)
    - Red Eye TD Unlocked
    - Western EM Unlocked
    - Bazooka-Knife Gametype Unlocked (Red Eye Only)
    - Blue Pottery Crate Unlocked for a limited time
    - M98B Sniper added to Item shop
    - Dual Colt-Volcano added to Dog Tag Rewards

    - Dual UZI-Tiger removed from Dog Tag Rewards
    - Hot Summer Crate removed from Black Market

    *Fixed Issues*
    - Devastated City - Fixed a bug where crouching after spin kicking was causing players to crash to lobby
    - DX Heroine - Fixed a bug where fall damage reduction was not being applied correctly
    - Bulletproof Helmet - Fixed a bug where damage was not correctly registering with item equipped.
    - Live Sound: Zippo - Fixed a bug that prevented sound from playing when equipped or previewed
    - Live Sound: Whistle - Fixed a bug that prevented sound from playing when equipped or previewed
    - Personal Record - Fixed a bug that prevented Stats and Achievement buttons from appearing
    - Golden M4A1 - Fixed a bug that prevented weapon icon from appearing in game
    - Item Shop - Fixed a bug that caused the Buy ZP button to render a black box over other windows

    *Known Issues*
    - Barrett M82A1-Red Dragon randomly dealing less damage
    - Grenade Kills in Hero Mode X sometimes prevent Mutants from respawning

    List of Middleman Impersonations
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