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    Unhappy Facebook / Galaxy Online 2 hack

    I was trying desperately to get a hack for this awesome strategy game. but everytime I believed I found one, I end up finding a scash link or another page with the typical srvey... even I tried to get the "srvey assasin" to try to download the hack from it, (Without any success )

    almost a year ago, a Hacker called Hotnoob managed to hack into GO2 and even did his tricks by doing stuff like the following.

    1- Modifiying the drops you get from instances, quests or other stuff (Making possible to get the rare items with no effort)
    2- Modified the rarity chances of items you may get from daily spins like divine commander drawings, resources or wathever he wanted to get.
    3- Modified other stuff in game.

    The only drawback are mainly as follows:

    1- I tried to get the files required for hacking into GO2, it was kinda simpler (Or at least I believed it was), just collect the files from your temporary internet files, and get the stuff that belongs to the website where you play the game (When playing on HD)... sadly 1 or 2 files (The main ones) can't be found this way, but Hotnoob said it was possible to get those files. by hacking into memory or wathever he said that I don't know. I'm not a good hacker.

    2- once you get all the files, wathever you wanna hack something, you must make sure of the number of characters you add or substract, becuz if the filesize is changed after saving, it might not work. you may try to contact to hotnoob for more info, and hoping if he may help you.
    his hacking tips are from the past year, and is so outdated, perhaps you may need his help, unless you're pro hackers and you may manage to do it by yourself.
    luckily IGG (The company of the game) don't have such a great security... Sadly I'm not a good hacker.

    I tried wathever I could to get the hack with no success, google isn't a good friend for hacks.
    so that's why I'm posting here in request.

    PS: Cheat engine doesn't work. so don't even bother to post anything about it.
    I'm 31 years old, too old to be tricked.

    thanks in advance... I know it will be a very hard work, but I hope you may make a good and free hack (Unlike those damned freaks that masks their downloads behind a painful and damned srvey)
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