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    GGC Bans.

    hello got banned from a ggc secured server i bought a new processor and i decided to buy all dlc packages (premium) so if i buy it on my ggc banned account will i able to play on other dlc ggc secured servers? i know this is a silly question just im trying to be sure. and i have 5 accounts that have bf 3 from on the house

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    GGC-Stream Ban, is a banning system which is made by a community of Admins and Developers. Any server running GGC Banning system Mod, will use the same Main User Database. This system is supported by Evenbalance (PunkBuster), Metabans etc. BUT you will NOT be banned on and such. Only on GGCStream.

    Now if you are Perma. Banned from GGC, Your EA GUID & Key is Banned meaning you will NOT be able to play on ANY GGC Server unless you have a new BF3 Copy with a new Origin Account.

    Since GGC Bans aren't HWID(Hardware ID) Ban, you changing processors won't affect anything.

    On the other hand, if you were give a Temporary Ban (you can check by trying to join a GGC Server, a red box showing ban info should popup on Batllelog) wait until it expires and you are good to go

    I hope this helped you. I guess better not buy premium, and buying a new copy of BF3 on a newly created Origin Account. Don't waste your money buying Premium if you plan on playing on GGC Servers.
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    Question answered, hope everything goes ok for you.

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