hello guys!! I'm new here so first : "nice to meet you!!" ok..i have questions about making macros for weapons in BF3 how i can capture my first and second shoot?? i choose "Record mouse clicking" and "Record mouse relative movement" is that correct to start making macros? or the better...how i can make 100% no-recoil for example in AK-74M with rds-fg-hb and can some one explain me what this line's mean exactly??

Mouse_relative_move -5 25 i mean what function is -5 and 25

and why i need sometimes write lines like here:
Delay 95 ms
Mouse_relative_move -5 25
Mouse_relative_move 0 -1
Jump to line7
PS im so sorry to making trouble but i am totally green how making own macros..so please help me if u can PEACE!!