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    Ban appeal

    Quote Originally Posted by Liz
    Ban is valid. You clearly offered yourself as an unofficial middleman. Got caught, now are trying to backpedal with really crappy "I asked, but it doesn't mean I would have done it!" arguments.
    I already explained why I made that question, and 'it doesn't mean I would have done it!' wasn't my 'argument'.

    Quote Originally Posted by dani-883345-
    Since there aren't (or they will be most likely offline -I have never seen one online-) MMs, I thought he were looking for an unofficial MM, but I wanted to be sure... If he would say yes, I would tell him that's forbiden and he were going to get banned, but if not (as he did) I would tell him he were wasting his time, but he could anyway try to mention them. The problem is, I had no chance to explain anything nor making any new comment, because I got banned before I could.

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    Its not a permanent ban and I was pretty lenient with it at that. It was only 4 days. Serve it out and leave it as a reminder to be more clear next time. However, it still really seems like you were offering.
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