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    [Rodriguez15] Banned for impersonating

    Hello people i would like to start with very huge staff mistake, i've been selling here and i had alot of reputations and i had vouches. People can work hard just to harm the guy who are better than him ,they are jealous. I've been starting good and i had lot of customers from mpgh, then someone made fake skype and started to scamm.Some of my customer pmed me that he was scammed before i reply on thread for the fake skype. i've replied on thread so people to dont add him with the dot at the end"martin.mitrev3." He scammed few people and there was opened scam thread against me and probably the guy which reported me had photoshopped this "http ://", then Hugo_Boss i think he skype resolved the fake skype account and got my ip adress from the fake skype? How is that possible, how can he trust on skype resolver, i dont know i was just amazed that i got banned, this is truly amazing story, i wrote on the fake skype accoun when my customer was scammed here is a picture
    "http ://". His skype was martin.mitrev3.
    Do you know that i can change my ip adress at skype and you to skype resolve it with the ip you will give me? i've just tracked and he has few all IPs which he logged. I'll talk to skype about this and i will also give you screenshots. I really fell in love with MPGH but this insane stuff mistake made me cry.. Thanks for reading this. I hope you understand me. > Rodriguez15

    His last IPs:

    Mostly his ips are from Poland and Ireland
    SkypeGrab DB: - Mine
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    i know this guy and I bought alot from him and he has never scammed me once. These accounts are not his and they are impostors. hes from Macedonia not Poland or even Ireland. I think you all should unban him. Ive had him as a friend on skype for while now and I have even partnered him. Everything that he has sold has been all working and premium accounts. So, I believe this is an impostor. Just some dumbass, just playing a game and acting like there a trusted member when they are trying to get someone else baned and get money out of people. I see them all the time. Like with Hydra. Ive seen some people act like they were her when they really werent.

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    Your Martin.mitrev3 95 IP address matches the impersonator skype.
    If you can change your skype IP to that IP, then he either is you, or he is still you.
    Unless you are using a VPN or proxy, then that shows otherwise.

    Here is the definition of an IP address for you from Google:
    a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.

    - - - Updated - - -

    You are also claiming that a skype resolver is unreliable, yet you are using one?

    - - - Updated - - -

    And besides, if the impersonators could use your IP, then that defeats their purpose.
    If you get banned, then they can no longer impersonate you, and they can no longer scam under your name.

    Rodriguez, sometimes it is better for you to admit the truth than lie.
    Also, this dispute is a coupe months later, and does not explain why you also made several accounts to ban evade.
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    Please be aware of imposters. I will NEVER contact you outside of MPGH and I do not own a Skype account. I only have VM & PM.

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