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    Thread deleted for no reason ?

    Hey Staff,

    my Thread just got instantly deleted for no reason, but akim said that Im not allowed to post links ???

    My original Thread :
    R Trainer - Made by routess

    fixed Godmode (Margwa wont one-hit you )
    Unlimited Ammo
    Unlimited Nades/Alien Jar
    Unlimited Money
    Weapon Changer

    Add Instant Kill
    Add Unlimited Beast Mode
    Add Unlimited Sword Power
    Get Address for Weapon Slot 3 -> lol
    Add Rapidfire

    Unfortunatly i wasnt able to get a few Addresses and i dont know how to inject an Assembly script in a Memory with VB.Net

    I hope that i will have time to figure that things out and implement them in next update.

    I just realized that Im not allowed to post links, so sorry for no pictures and no virustotal(result is 1/54 - 1 packer detection because Im using Dotfuscator).

    If someone can quickly approve that for me and post virustotal scan

    If someone is intrested in the Source Code, feel free to send me a PM. But im also learning and new in coding - so expect to see some horrible structure

    Please leave some Feedback, negative/positive doesnt matter, Im happy about everything.
    The Message i got :
    Dear Routess,

    The following thread that you created has been deleted

    Thread: Zombies R Trainer
    Forum: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Hacks & Cheats
    Reason: external links are not allowed
    Well I dont know maybe im just blind but I dont see any Links in general. I wasn't even able to put a virustotal link in it, the editor doesnt allow it.... so where is the external link in my thread ?

    In fact I this was my first release on mpgh since im new to this forum because I was really active on UC before. But my first thread and instant delete ))))) FUN

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    In the file you uploaded there were links which is why your file was deleted.

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