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    Explaining ( Valve.Bizzare )

    Thats me, Valve.Bizzare .
    I got ban 1 day ago for self-vouching and i was confused . I didnt know what to do .
    Then, i got request from "harder than you think" and he started to talk on Russian language. He said that he is selling cs:go accounts too and after some talk, i knew that he is living from same town and got ban too.
    I understood what happened and why it happened. I started to add all MPGH stuff to help me in this situation, and they said i should create thread on Staff Disputes and wait, until Backdoor reply.
    I asked "harder than you think" to create thread in staff dispute and explain situation, because i was going to gym.
    I was sure that i'll get unbanned and Backdoor apologizes for his mistake, but after his respond i understand, that he is still not understaning whats going on.

    Whats the reason for to create second selling thread, when my main thread is "STICKY" for 6 months already and i wanted to continue it . I am most trusted seller of cs:go accounts on mpgh, had like 30k views and a lof of vouchs. I have no reason to self-vouch myself, because thread is sticky and anyway, it wont bump thread. I dont really know, probably "harder than you think" self-vouched himself, i cant know this.
    I can show you my pp transactions and you'll see, that all my sales - not fake.
    I have feedbacks on other forums too ( unfortunately cant post links )

    Now, i am asking help from main Administrator or someone, who can really sort out in this situation, because backdoor will defend his decision

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    Congratulations Valve.Bizzare. Now you got a permanent ban. Thank you for your suicide!

    And no, you guys are not the same person.

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