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    Scam report decision

    I have a scam report against me: , read it to get familiar with my case.

    Basically my skype was hacked, the hacker scammed a member off 150$ and the decision was that i need to refund or get banned.

    I read the rules but i couldn't find one stating that i'm to be held responsible and pay from my own pocket in case my account gets hacked and ppl. are scammed from it, when i asked Hova he said the decision came straight from GM Flengo, but hasn't linked me to any rule.
    Making rules on spot is a thing here ? I'm not opening this dispute against any staff member , I just want someone to clarify this for me and if such a rule exists, to link it.

    I know it sux being scammed and a part of the guilt is mine, but i have lost much more than 150$ due to my skype being hacked so people asking me to pay from my own pocket for what the scammer did it's a little retarded to be honest.

    I understand that if i walk away there's a risk that people will start scamming and claim their account got hacked, but that's for the staff to try and figure out who is a scammer and who isn't..

    That being said i'm looking forward to your reply and if possible i'd like to leave the topic open for one more reply from my side before closing it

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    So if we allow you a pass because you were hacked, then literally everyone could scam someone and just claim they were hacked and get away with it? There's no way to prove whether a hacker scammed or not. There's no way for staff to "try and figure out who is a scammer and who isn't" when there's no information that can be admissible.

    If you can come to an agreement with the person scammed, then that's fine. But by rules, you're responsible for what happens on your account. You should have notified you were hacked prior to the scam.

    Ultimately, you're responsible for whatever happens on your account. If it was an impersonator, it would be a different story.

    Anyway, it seems like you did end up coming to a solution with the person who was scammed.

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