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    Ban4Evasion? Madara.

    Hi there, i was banned because my account AzazelPlays is also linked with Madara. Azazel got banned for buying accounts now If im completely honest this is true. However, please be reminded that i have returned to mpgh from 3 years ago therefore I forgot all the rules. I was on forums like btc talk in which you can sell accounts etc so i didnt know until a member reported me for it. Someone else called Hydra then added me on skype and hit me up quickfire saying I have an account its 2013 etc whatever and I said yes instictively ready to say how can I help you? He said he has a mpgh account so i asked what year. Baring in mind i knew that i couldnt buy accounts at this point and when he said Im not selling i even said "I know" because i knew he was not here to sell it. However, he reported me for it and i got banned. I think its a little unfair and I have realised my mistake to never ask a member for an account. The truth in why i wanted to buy an account is because my account (Madara) is 2013 and mentally it looks like a bad number so i wanted 2012 I am truly sorry about what I did and I would say its a small thing compared to what other people here do. It was a simple noob mistake and I realise that now. I need my MPGH account to be unbanned because I have a very successful Fitbit Shop running that i have many people buying from me. Also, i was looking to make giveaways and hacks here too for steam games. And maybe a steam shop. I love this site and bought donator and am veRy active on the forums. I just made a small noob mistake so may I please get Unbanned Liz on my Madara account so I can continue on this amazing site?

    MaY I also add that i ave many vouches on my hread that prove i am a legit guy and Im not a scammer even though I have received hundreds in dollars. Also unbanning me could mean that I can continue selling on the Market Place so that fgt Adrian who thinks im taking all his business can know not to talk bad to me again.

    Also as far as trying to get the account as the ban reason for Azazel, i am 100% sure I had a 2009 account at firstand it has GFX in its name back when I was at Cali but Im not sure which account it was just that name had GFX in it and looked like i owned it. I am not trying to steal anything I hope you understand. I am sincerely sorry for all the trouble I have caused you guys. I would really appreciate to be unbanned because I have learned my lesson and will not do it again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by arunforce View Post
    Do not open a dispute for:

    • Not knowing / being ignorant of a rule. It's your job to read the rules, and it's our job to enforce them.

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