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    Cool Getting ban because mod is mad. Hova

    Well looks like i'll be getting ban "Losing the account I started forever ago because a mod has a fucking finger in his ass.. Idec but if you want to be cautious of someone Hova is the man don't let him be your OP if you're convicted of scamming or, anything like that because he will just "Hop on his bike and, ride the sea of conclusions lmfao.. but it alright. nigga gone hate because his buddy fucked up and gave me log in and pass For just asking... Like i said thats like me buying you a burger and you eatin it and then i say you stole that shit.. .

    - - - Updated - - -

    As you can see: I mentioned you and gave you 24 hours so you could give your side of the story instead of just banning you and jumping to conclusions. You have 12 hours left, if this is a misunderstanding, then sort that out here with OP so we could close this report.= hova text

    He gave me the account willingly "Just to stay up and, (complete the transaction) but instead card had to many problems so i decided Not to buy the account and just give him the card*with all the details because (he gave me an account). #/Cvv/ExpDate. Not my fault he gave me an account to play with him during the process that like; me giving someone a hamburger to eat then saying they stole it...= Me

    My decision stands, you owe the OP for the account. 24 hours to pay him or return the account.=Hova

    And why is that? And I do not even use the account gave it to my boy for couple keys because it was a free account. I did not scam or, nothing and, My decision stands? You never even told me anything or, nothing... So what was it before? I mentioned you and gave you 24 hours so you could give your side of the story instead of just banning you and jumping to conclusions. Hmm.... Seems to me you hop to conclusions real fast.=Me

    @ @DarkLordXYZ @FanticSteal @Cursed Apparently I am mad at the user, please weigh in and let him know your decision.=Hova ^_^ ^-^

    - - - Updated - - -

    Btw here is the scam post
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    Scam report is still open, so we'll keep that as the only active thread for this issue (if there is one).
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