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    Jailbroken671 Account banned?

    Staff and Admin,

    I made this account after i found out that my previous account (Jailbroken671) had been banned for scamming CS:GO keys. That is not me. I have been on MPGH since 2010, worked closely with many staff members and was once a staff member myself. Unfortunately due to circumstances that I can't reveal on this post, I was forced to leave MPGH. However, I did not sever all ties with MPGH as I occasionally checked up on my favorite sections. To my surprise, I was banned for scamming CS:GO Keys, which is ironic because I've never played CS:GO. I was hacked, and I'm hoping the IP logs on my account will prove it. I have been in Maryland for the past 12 months. Although I left for a period of time, my loyalties to MPGH have never faded. I emplore the powers that be to investigate my account as I am innocent of the crime. Thank you.

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    You were banned by @Flengo for the reason you've already pointed out. Here's the link to the scam report which was made against you and got you banned for scamming in the first place:

    Quoting Flengo's post:
    Hacked or not, he is responsible for what happens through his MPGH account. If issues like this are reported in advanced, precautions can be taken to prevent scams from happening from hacked account.

    He has been permanently banned.
    Given his statement, yeah, I believe you're going to have to refund the user who got scammed by whoever hacked your MPGH account, who was @gachiGASM.
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