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    Question regarding my ban

    First off, please do not ban this account. I am using it STRICTLY for this thread and this thread alone; I am not posting in any other section whatsoever.

    Anyway, could someone tag Dave below? I'd just like to know exactly why I was banned. I'm not contesting his decision or anything, I would just like to know. A recent scam report was made against me and I refunded the party in question - however, I was banned shortly afterward. I'm not sure what the problem was.

    A response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    PS. Sorry for the retarded name, Light_Appeal was taken
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    From my understanding of what I heard and seen.

    You have had many scam reports opened on yourself and instead of just refunding the other party you ran your mouth for 3 pages when it could of been solved in one page. Not only that but you threatened a member of MPGH in way thar sounded like you were hiring a hitman to kill him. Everyone hates you overall, and for all of your ebooks you sell there is always some sort of scam report opened on it. You have been banned for scamming before so that just adds on.

    @Dave84311 had the right call to ban you to keep the marketplace from falling to a retard who has the stupidest and unfair ToS. No hard feelings just repeating everything I have heard and seen.

    Hope this helps.

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