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    I'v been working on a project, for a game called Realm Of The Mad God. In the game there is realms ( aka worlds ) and in these realms spawn events (aka bosses) that drop good loot. I created a program, which places a bot in each realm and waits for events to appear and then logs it. Bots are hosted in vps.

    My idea was to create a plugin for K-relay ( that could see those logged events and displays them to user, this way user can connect to the world with a click of a button. This program wouldn't work without connection to the internet, which rules doesn't allow. I talked about it and @Luis explicitly refused to approve my program. So I'm asking for approval here.

    What the program would do is either use tcp(if it works out) to get string like
    [hh:mm:ss] (ip of realm) (port of realm) (event)
    or just connect to website to get xml file of all events. Then the plugin would parse the string that it got (or xml file) and append that info to GUI.

    So @Dave84311 and @arunforce Im asking if you could consider my plugin being aproved.
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