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    Banned for no reason once again.

    I was banned for ban evasion once again, which is once again not true.

    I am PremiumSE. Please unban me, thank you.

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    @ @UnbanPremiumSE

    Trust me, it wasn't for no reason, instead a premium reason.

    Ban evasion.

    Coincidentally on two separate occasions your IP matches SEMaster. This was addressed in the last staff dispute you made where you claimed that you're using a VPN which is why that would occur -- okay, but within 5 hours of being unbanned you made three different SE service threads with extremely aggressive TOSes that would essentially make you invincible to the rules and anyone attempting to get their money back.

    If it was just a general VPN wouldn't you think your IP would match other users on those two occasions that you match SEMaster rather than it being only that user? And twice?

    I'm extremely confident that your efforts on MPGH were nothing short insidious.

    You're the same person. Quit playing games.

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