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    Angry kicku22 ban.

    I still want justice... My account has been down for to long and, i'd like to ask why have they not contacted me back? It's been forever now and, now im back at it again but this time im trying to just get my account back idc about the other guy because he was butt hurt and got what he wanted! My account ban for not giving him money and his account back that he had full access to the whole time! but once again ill say it.. I NEVER SCAMMED ANYONE! I never even bought the account!! Why can't you understand this!! even now i can't even get into the account he said i've scammed him for (Rainbow six siege) because of for one he had total access to it and, two!" he activated the 2 step verification code so i DONT HAVE ACCESS please! will somone talk to me about getting my account back? I never scammed him! If you wont me to explain in full detail i just want to know if anyones hear going to listen because the other MPgh mods even A GLOBAL ADMIN Said why was i ban but never answered back! or, never listened! Because i received a free*! account for asking! THEY NEVER TOOK INTO CONSIDERATION THAT HE GAVE ME THE ACCOUNT!!! GAVE!! MAN PLEASE UNDERSTAND HE GAVE!! only why im complaining again is because I STILL DONT UNDERSTAND WHY I GOT BAN! I want my old account back please!

    Im aware im supposed to be under a alt account i think but could a mod help me ill put the names of the mods that was in my case or whatever it was.. here is a link to my old.. still has not been closed because im innocent i tell you! put WWW . /forum /showthread . php?t=1124913

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    im not allowed to add links.. but flengo please if you see this.. Hey man.. Long time haha but may you please help me back on my case If you may know i still never scamed the person who claimed it.. I havent used that account since the day ive been ban... and i tried to play rainbow six because i just got back from vacation and it says two step verification is activated; another reason to prove he had access this whole time he just wanted me to pay up for screwing up on giving me an account for free FLENGO! Man please understand i did nothing to deserve that ban... Please allow me to send all the evidence so you can examine it.. add me on skype please? or something.. Flengo i beg of you..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flengo View Post
    The proof I asked you for is you saying you can't pay him. Your claim is that he knew you weren't able to pay him and gave you the account anyway.
    Come back when you're ready to provide. I've told you what to do a bunch of times already.
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