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    Angry removel of upload twice

    takatsuki twice now you have removed my uploads below reason for last one

    Thread: pogo best bot
    Forum: Pokemon Go Hacks & Cheats
    Reason: Why would you try and release an outdated cheat that will guarantee a ban??

    what is it don't you want any users to try anything if nothing is working then why is it new pokemon ids are up for sale

    and also why did i waist my time writing all about it
    and to be honest nothing is 100% everything could get you banned
    and as for the guarantee ban sorry i dispute that still 4 weeks later im still using what i posted and still not banned for using it
    so i would say something is working ok for me

    plus i expect to wake up tomorrow and be banned off here but its ok as ive asked to be removed from this site because to be honest
    after being around sites like this and other sites for 15 years never have i come across a mod that acts the way you are but please tell your friend that is selling their Pokemon ids they can still sell more as you will remove any bots that will help others get the levels them self
    i would say thank you for the experience on this site but sorry no you made my experience totally rubbish

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    There's a reason that every single bot is currently closed and marked outdated, and that's because none of them have the new API. Niantic changed it again, and as you were aware the first time you tried to release said bot in question, the API was not updated. There's proof of that on their website(not allowed to link) but put simply, there hasn't been an update since August 26th.

    I'm not limiting users from using bots, I'm limiting users from using outdated bots. It would be pointless to share something like this knowing that the ban rate is guarantee'd as the next wave roles out shortly.

    As for the sales, there's nothing against users selling an account(s) just because of an API change. Most offer a warranty, and those that don't shouldn't have customers complain as if it's not listed, there's nothing they're held responsible for.

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    Not risking it. Closed.

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