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    Appeal for Prince

    I am banned for " Alt of Andy™ for Scamming ".
    I am not Andy™, he is my brother who was banned years ago.
    Not sure what proof I can show to tell the difference, but as you can see this is my account and I don't even touch the Combat Arms community.
    I have donated and only helped.
    Only reason my name was ever in the Scammer Grave is when impostor try to use my name to scam people who weren't careful to check.
    It has been years now since my brother used this forum and he doesn't even live with me anymore to use the same IP.
    I don't seem that it's fair to have me banned for the same IP to track previous people.
    I have done nothing wrong to the community and no bad incidents.

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    Hey Prince, welcome back!
    Can't believe I was one of the Middleman to deal with your report 3 years ago.
    I have a question for you though, why does everyone scammer always try to come back and make up the brother excuse?
    Like can you not say something else and be more creative for once?
    The email registered under your other account "Prince" has the name Andy in it.
    What a coincidence. Didn't know you and your brother were both named Andy.
    Smart move!
    Maybe if you didn't lie just now and decided to refund the victims, I would have considered another option, but...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Even your Skype name attached to your profile was "andyymobilee".

    Please be aware of imposters. I do not own a Skype account and I will NEVER contact you outside of MPGH.

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