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    Quote Originally Posted by GoogleTheCracker_Appeal View Post
    Oh yeah that's completey fair you decided to put me on the trading blacklist. Like legit it's a $3 deal and I'm not a scammer everyone knows this smh

    - - - Updated - - -

    I actually would have replaced the account but I got unbanned so I thought all was good. There's no need to replace or anything when I was unbanned as all was solved but then suddenly you go talk to flengo and he straight up bans my ass even though I got unbanned for 15 hours lol

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh and banned the second time? Fuck do you mean... I got banned then unbanned. When I went on my pc again I was unbanned and all was good. 15 hours later Flengo bans the account... It's just hilarious how all was solved but he can decide to re-open the thread to ban me. Can we get some upper staff to look into this please. @arunforce @Liz @Dave84311

    - - - Updated - - -

    While I was unbanned @Flengo, if you wanted to change your decision, you should have just re-opened the scam report thread and say you disagree and request for me to replace the account. Instead you just banned me.
    You were being unfair which was basically a scam. In the past I have dealt with you myself and when I had an account without warranty you would replace it so whats different in this case you think because you were unbanned you dont have to do the right thing and replace the account. These are the rules im afraid no matter if you scam $1. We are reasonable in giving users 24 hours to sort everything out and you took about 4-5 days to solve everything and if its $3 only then why couldnt you do it within the 24 hours we gave you. There are also other people getting scammed and we must protect buyers on this website so Im going to give you a blacklist from trading for 2 weeks so that you know for the future how to be organised and that as a seller you need to replace or help the buyer in the time we give you not in your own time. The decision is final im afraid.


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    Looks like this has been resolved.
    Ban has been lifted, just waiting on the blacklist.
    Last edited by Jim Morrison; 10-16-2016 at 10:03 AM.

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