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    Exclamation Undeserved Infraction 11/07

    You have received an infraction at MPGH - MultiPlayer Game Hacking & Cheats.

    Reason: Misleading Title
    Misleading thread title. Thread titles cannot include words such as reliable, trustworthy, trusted, etc in them. You should be well aware of this rule by now.

    My Reply:
    I have never heard of this rule, shouldnt count as an infraction.
    This thread uses the same trusted exchanger title and was approved so this should not be an infraction.

    Hunter's Reply:
    I've no idea why Psychotic approved it, but I'm going to talk to him about it. In any case, sorry but the infraction's valid and it'll stand as such.

    He has been online but failed to reply when I sent a list of other threads also using the term, I went ahead and click on a few more to post here.

    Either the rule should hold true to all people or not be there at all. Regardless I put that in my title because I had seen many other APPROVED thread do the same. I should not have an infraction and my thread should have been approved, or all the thread titles should be edited.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I now noticed he removed the "trusted" part of my first thread linked in the post.

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    First off, unlike what you may think, I didn't ignore you. I simply forgot to reply back to your last private message. As you can imagine, you're not the only person whom I receive private messages from on MPGH. Regardless, I've already gone ahead and edited out the word trusted from the titles of the threads in question. Also, like I said in my last private message reply to you, I'm not sure why Psychotic approved your other thread or why all the other threads you linked me to were approved either since they all, including your other thread, had the word trusted in their titles. Honestly, don't stay thinking I was impartial towards you when infracting you for what happened, I'd have done the same thing to anyone else, literally. In any case, ignorance doesn't constitute innocence. Nevertheless, if you encounter any thread/post that isn't in accordance with the forum rules, even if a Staff Member has already posted/approved it, feel free to report it via the forum report button and we, Global Moderators+, will look into it as soon as possible. (Mistakes happen, no one's perfect). Staff dispute denied.

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