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    E-Book not being approved

    I have submitted an e-Book about how to avoid being scammed and limited on PP F&F as seller, several times before. It got deleted because of technical problems (pw was the trouble). After some times, Psychotic handled it and removed for the same reason (pw), but wrote in reason as well: 'Also based on description seems like any other basic usage of Paypal nothing new.'

    Replied about the pw, and in between other lines I wrote in regards of the content of the e-Book: '(...) it's entirely made by me, and there's the only one about (or at least, I never found any like it)'.

    Went ahead then and sorted the pw problem, but then it got deleted and the reason was: 'How to effectively receive money on Paypal? Common sense you can't be serious.' We then messaged each other along the days, and this was our conversation:

    My reply: 'No... see, you're very experienced and know a lot in the theme, just like me, but figure this, and I'm talking from my personal experience, because I see it everyday that people don't know how to properly handle Paypal (and not just for F&F), complaining and sometimes asking for help in the matter. Perhaps you didn't understand it, or simply didn't have enough time to read it with more details, but that's the point of the e-Book, to guide and help those that have that need, which is most of the people.'

    Reply back from him:

    'No but the thing is using Paypal is not a difficult thing despite me being very experienced at least 70% of all this information can be found in Paypal's help pages/FAQ/etc and the rest is essentially common sense that comes with registering for a digital money intermedium if you will. I'm deleting your recent one but I will discuss it with my fellow Middlemen.'

    My response:

    'Again, it's easy, yes, but for you and me, maybe for a few more too. I'll be adding my 'numbers' if that helps to explain my point when you talk about it with the other staff, but first thing, if it would solve this problem, I can add a line the like of 'This product aims to low and medium knowledge users, thus if you think you know this, you most likely do'. It's appropriate to mention that, anyone willing to buy an e-Book like this will be those who get scammed and limited everyday; those who don't, won't really have interest on it (I have already been offering it, so people could buy once approved, and that was the result of the 'poll').

    That being said, here are the % numbers:

    Since I'm offering my management services I can guarantee you not more than 10 people out of 100 know how to do everything properly, avoiding limitations and being scammed. People get limited everyday, they sometimes get in touch with me; people get scammed F&F, you can see it everyday as well on the Scammer Grave.

    (numbers here and thoroughly explanation removed for obvious reasons, not to reveal the content of the e-Book)

    Once again, only those who have troubles handling it would be interested. The other will certainly not be interested. And sorry for the long text...'

    Last reply that I received just today is: 'I've spoken with the other MMs and they agree. They align with my position that this is just a FAQ of Paypal in order to argue otherwise is to make large leaps.'

    I contacted Dark Lord, but never got a reply from him. I was asking what to do, what should be the right thing to do. Finally ended receiving a reply from Psychotic, where our conversation took place.

    I'm truly thankful for the time staff invested, but like I messaged Psychotic just today, I still insist that this is not a how to use, a FAQ, common sense or any other way you want to call it. I have my own reasons and explanations that for the same obvious reasons I'll not be sharing here in public, as they would reveal the cotent itself. I'll be sending them privately to any staff that comes here to handle this.
    Also, I'll send a copy of the e-Book to any staff, so you can check it.

    If I'm wrong in any of those reasons, please privately (PM or Skype) link me to the FAQs in question which Psychotic talks about, and let me fit the e-Book to the rules here. Sorry for all the trouble, and note that I'm not trying to insult any staff, neither Psychotic nor anyone, or trying to take down their authority. Thanks in advance.
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    Well I didn't expect you not being permitted to sell your ebook to turn into a dispute so I suppose I'll write out an entire argument as to why I have denied your ebook to be allowed to be sold without disclosing your extremely unique, private and worthy to be sold content.

    Let's start out with the title of your thread.

    Avoid being scammed and limited as seller on PP F&F
    As the title states I can infer that one, this ebook is in relation to Paypal's FRIENDS AND FAMILY payment method which as a buyer and a seller I understand the issues that other Marketplace goers endure by using this.

    When I say Paypal's FAQ I thought you'd be able to take that with a grain of salt because of course your ebook isn't a blatant copy and paste of Paypal's FAQs -- their "defense" against scams is stale and mostly to help the common man use Paypal.


    Let's begin. Your ebook starts out by stating the entirety of the method in less than half of a page. Sure, quality > quantity but you simply advise your readers to take payments with a note? Any person who's even just signed up to Paypal understand that when receiving FRIENDS AND FAMILY or even GOODS AND SERVICES to have a note. Some sellers even indicate in their selling threads what the note will be.

    and.. that's it for the method. Everything thereafter is just examples of notes you can use by justifying the notes with occasions. You enumerate over every public American holiday and give examples of that when they receive money on or near this date to make the note correspond to it.

    And yet you are arguing that your ebook is quality that should be sold, that isn't common sense? Pick any person selling something in any Marketplace on MPGH right now and I guarantee you they understand a note must be included when a payment is sent even as G/S as you so briefly introduce to your audience at the end of your ebook. Again, give me any Marketplace person and I'm sure they've heard of people chargingback and winning the dispute even when it seemed like they wouldn't no matter what type of payment security they implement. This includes refunding and resending a payment, sending the paymets in increment, a note that recites "I will not chargeback, I have received my goods". These too can be easily won in a chargeback.

    Does any part of your method defend against if I went to Paypal and said that my account was hacked?

    Not a single one of your public holidays will defend against that simple yet promising method, will it?

    You can't write an ebook that avoids scamming because there's no way around it especially with the mutually agreed upon aids of a payment processor, Paypal.

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    PayPal FAQ, what Psychotic said, not guaranteed for all possibilities either. Everything that seems to be stated is something that can be found out by asking PayPal directly, or just simply reading their website.

    Not a real eBook that should have a cost on it and be sold.
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