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    E-Book, quick reply

    Thanks to all the staff involved in the resolution of my doubt and for your time on it, else but @Psychotic, who was just mocking there, for some reason.

    In reply to that 'argument', I have to say yes, that first part includes all that notes, which I know that sounds stupid, but most people doesn't know how to do properly, and that's the reason of why so many examples. Yet, I don't see any mention against in regards to the amounts, frequency and quantity of uses given to be safe of limitations. Lastly, that last 2 methods at the end of the text would work if you go to PP with that said excuse.

    If this is still not enough, again, thank you very much for all your time, and please close @Flengo

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    In my opinion, the actions taken were correct.

    It's not a real e-book and it should not be used to charge people.
    As a community, it is crucial to help ourselves, and others defend themselves from scammers.
    Charging a price to guide users for "prevention" against scammed is disgusting. (I put prevention in quotations for a reason)
    In fact, the information stated in the e-book according to the dispute is shared across our community freely, and can be accessed freely from PayPal's FAQ, etc.
    It's like saying: "Hey, don't want to get scammed? I'll teach you how for a price"
    You may say that "business is business", but you have to keep in mind that in business, there are also ethics.
    In the markets, some of us lust for profit, but it doesn't necessarily mean that some actions done are ethically right.

    Without a doubt, it won't be allowed.
    Reason: Ethically wrong. Doesn't matter what your excuses are in the e-book.

    Please be aware of imposters. I do not own a Skype account and I will NEVER contact you outside of MPGH.

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