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    I truly believe this is a misunderstanding at any point of the situation, I’m not trying to scam anyone nor take advantage of anyone. My job is helping others, and that’s the reason why I’m offering my e-Book.
    Your reasons of why it’s not being approved are confusing and not clear, and don’t take me wrong, but you changed your reasons like 5 times.
    How is it possible that offering to help others is unethical? Does the lawyer or medic, lack on ethics for doing their work? Of course they charge for doing it.
    If so, why are you even allowing other e-Books that profit on ‘how to’ methods? Why are you offering any other service/product that profits on buyer’s not-knowledge? Why are there other approved e-Books with the same theme being offered as the one I want to offer?
    I asked you to show me the FAQs in question, but it turned out to be it was figuratively, so you now say the content can be freely be found here at the forum. Where exactly I’m wondering?
    I’d like you to let me reply before you close the thread, if you’re going to comment with something new.

    Just to add something here, I render my services through my knowledge, which I utilize to help others, and this e-Book is intended to alert every of those unaware of how to avoid being scammed and limited. Where’s the lack on ethics there?

    Now about the word ‘ethical’, a few questions came to my head eventually.

    Is it ethical to scam enterprises or privates in such SE threads you allow?
    Is it ethical to steal accounts of any kind, then sell them?
    Is it ethical to let members scam anyone on the internet, if the victim isn’t part of this forum?
    Is it ethical to let members scam ban evaders, and seek them to keep scamming them multiple times, then not dealing such members any punishment?

    The intention of the e-Book is to avoid all the previously said, nothing more, nothing less.
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    Another dispute doesn't change the reasoning of the last one that was resolved. By the way, I did read your eBook. Please do not dispute further to avoid embarrassment and any other action.
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