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    BS ban.

    So what happened was that a while back, this guy flamed me and .REZ well there were 2 threads we flamed back and forth (me and the other guy). I got banned for flaming.

    Now I got banned AGAIN and for 5 DAYS this time for flaming, and I already got banned for that.

    I did post in that thread again earlier today, but I did not flame or even say bad words at the other person. So I basically just got banned for 5 days for something I already got banned for.

    @Indestructible is me and is the account that just got banned.

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    You got banned because even AFTER i said NO MORE OFF TOPIC BULL from anyone, you went back and started shit with that kid, telling him hes not a man if he doesn't apologize to you, bla bla bla, calling him a girl, and what did I say. ANYONE that goes off topic again and starts flaming, gets banned for a week. You did not heed my words, so there you go. You got reported for it again, and even your buddy Rez knew better. I don't play that game, when I give a warning that's it.

    I'll reduce the ban to 1 day, but that's it. Consider it a gift. DO NOT FLAME AGAIN.
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