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    Angry post being deleted

    Ok so i must ask why is it that Every day i make post in the forums that are relevant to what is being talked about. I try my best to help and answer questions that are being asked but yet the Mod keeps deleting my post, How am I going to get any rep if my answers are being deleted? I have also had questions that i have asked that where once more related to the topic deleted!!!!! why does the mod of the BF3 forum deleting my post?

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    I hardly doubt you are being targeted. It is more likely that the thread you post on got deleted. For w/e reason. Also 90% of your posts are not helpful, most are "This is leeched, this is detected, this is from another site bla bla bla" That's not really helpful, and more than likely will be deleted.

    The punkbuster comment was deleted because the question itself was deleted so there was no use for your answer. That massive wall of c+p text.

    Anyway all the posts deleted were valid for deletion. Actually ANY post deleted is valid seeing as it is in the ToS when you sign up. But most were either unnecessary, inflammatory, or part of a deleted discussion.

    Try to stay positive with your posts, and not participate in off topic questions, and your posts remain. We have people who get 100s of posts a day. So it is possible to increase your post. As far as your rep goes, screaming leecher and detected left and right will only get you negative rep.

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