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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave84311 View Post
    Mass mentioning is spam. If you mention people without a valid reason, your infraction was justified.
    I was infracted for abuse of the plugin. Not for the fact that I posted it in General when it should've, in Ravallo's opinion, have been posted in the Spammer's Corner. All of Ravallo's arguments were built towards how "abusing the plugin" was against the rules through our conversion on MSN. The thread was pretty much a typical thread on General, several people in it were just happy to be mentioned -- the only person sore about it was Ravallo who ended up moving it to Spammer's Corner and infracting me for it.

    Just doesn't make sense to infract someone over something that's obviously not a problem. Still, I'm not going to bother pushing this dispute any further if that's how you feel.
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    Stop bitching about every fucking little infraction you get. You're starting to become PoisonJr. Especially when you do shit that is obviously wrong.

    Also read the sticky, Ignorance of something does not mean innocence.

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