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    Banned for accusing a scammer....

    You can't even accuse a scammer anymore? ?
    @BlackBerets = my main.

    Florius1991 is OBVIOUSLY A SCAMMER and I POSTED that on his wall because he was SILENTLY trading and scamming people.

    This is quit sad when I'm trying to help the CF MPGH Community and you Mods ban me instead.

    I'm not complaining it's only a 1 day ban, I'll get over it, but you really should find out whats going on before banning someone.

    I don't know who banned me, but florius1991 just sent a random report for me accusing him.
    So you guys go and listen. If he told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?
    And I didn't see anywhere on the rules where it says can't accuse a scammer. New rule perhaps?

    If so I apologize with all my bannedfulness emotions.

    No proof?

    See what everyone is writing!!!
    I guess you should ban them all right?!

    He has been reported TWICE his name all over scammer grave (check yourself) and he JUST tried to scam me!

    So I can't even warn my fellow MPGH users? I can't try to help and prevent another stolen account?
    No one trusts this user anymore, yet the one that has never done anything wrong gets the punishment.
    And this came without a warning?

    I guess next time I should upload screenshots on peoples wall before I say something...?

    I'm very sad with this outcome... Again I'm not complaining I'm just perplexed...

    Not only will my rep be negative now, but now everything I've done for this community and my trust for trading will also.

    Sad face.
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    Very simple procedure. Go to Scammer's grave or Private Reports. File a report with sufficient evidence, wait for a MM to resolve it. Going around accusing people is not allowed because little shit heads would go to people they dont like and simply accuse them, and cause them to loose sales/trades.

    Proven Scammer = banned. If not banned it is not proven.

    If you wanted to help, you simply make a thread in the correct sections. Randomly posting on his profile helps no one, and only got you banned.

    Also there is no negative rep anymore. It was removed due to abuse as well.

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    They are trying to trick or scam you. Report them immediately and PM me here for verification.
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    Stupid/Pointless Private messages = SPAM, SPAM = BAN.

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