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    Infraction for invalid reasons.

    Okay... @Nico gave me an Infraction for:

    Release Had Outside Link, Missing Virus Scan, Missing Screenshot, etc
    (Thread can be found here)

    I know never to post outside links in this site, and I never have, I don't know why he listed this as a reason...That thread did not have any outside links, nor did the download.

    It had a missing virus scan, true, my fault there, my computer was lagging a lot though so I would keep on crashing if I tried to do anything too fast...I was hoping someone would be willing to do my second scan, and @Polo did for the second and last time.

    And as to the missing screenshot, I had a video.

    I honestly think that he might have been taking anger out on me or something.
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    That particular reason covers various things. We do not have a single option for all rules. Some are covered by umbrella infractions. Such is the case here.
    Also you only got a warning. <~~~ proof
    [notice]Solved & Closed[/notice]
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