Hello MPGH

First of all i wanna say cheers, for having and running such a wonderful site, much respect !

Thats why im contacting you guys. Ive had a couple of very bad days, all because of a member of this site,
and this member happens to be a bann dodger, and i will expose him, but first i wanna tell you what has happened.
This guy, he is friends with MPGH staff, not IRL but in his profile friendslist. This guy, he seemed cool at first.
I requested a little simple hack on c++ section, he went on to make this hack, he made it in 2 hours. He contacts me,
but he had me wait for days, not answering my messages, then after days he adds me on msn and shows me the hack through team viewer,
but then he doesnt send me the hack :S and he goes offline and makes me all these promises. Then i waited 3 days for him to send me
this goddamn hack (excuse my languege) and he almost made me begging for him to send, but he did not respond and when he did he was very rude and pathetic. He showed his true colours. What a pathetic excuse for a human being, how can someone be so rude? And unfortunately, my dad died 5 months ago because of cancer, and he didnt give a SHIT, i told him to be respectful and asked him kindly for the 20th time to send because this hack and the game it was made for is what keeps me on track after my dads loss, its one of the few things what makes me happy you know.
And this stupid idiot made some mistakes you shouldnt have made, he told me he was banned on your site before, because of flaming and saying preeetty bad things to the admin of this site. And he kept on mocking you guys and being proud of taking the piss on me and you guys and i told him i would expose him but he kept on saying "lol go ahead ill just use proxy". i cannot let a fucking ingrate pathetic inhuman troll like him go away with this and mock you and me. His previous nickname on this site was "barcoder" and his new nickname hes using is "scraprecon" his e-mail he reqistered with on barcoder was bradley29483@hotmail.com and the one he uses with his current scraprecon login is bradley29483@yahoo.com.

Please make sure this scum does not enter this site ever again, just a pity if there is no way from stopping him if he will use a proxy? All i know is he is mostly on warrock section, so maybe u can stop him with a future nick by trackin those visitting warrock on a daily basis?
i have never been treated as bad as he treated me, someone affliated with this site.

Btw is there by any chance a MPGH staff who knows c++ who can help me with this hack? Im willing to donate 50$ to MPGH every month if you guys can help me, i cant express my feeling of getting screwed by this guy, he had the hack finished and showed me, mocked me and never send it

Thanks in advance guys