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    I do believe that I still got a thread wrongly removed.

    I'm sorry for making another thread but this is just beyond ridiculous. First you remove my thread and now you close my other one when I wasn't finished talking?

    I'm referring this this thread:

    I would just like to ask 1 question, Where is the evidence that I actually killed those people? I have evidence that I didn't (The people posting saying I'm legit). This is probably just some mad person because I do use hacks, but I use them for a good reason, not a bad reason.

    Can you just think about gathering evidence or something being using your powers? I do not think that this action was fair.
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    Whether or not YOU think its fair it is irrelevant. I closed the dispute because disputes are closed when the action is explained and determined as invalid or valid, which in your case it was. Whether or not you're finished talking is not my problem. I already showed you why your thread was deleted, and it was 2 different people. A bunch of noobie accounts that could or could not be yours as well, claiming they 'vouch' for you does not change anything. Some have different IPs but that is easily done with a proxy. In any case you are not a seller or trader, so 'vouches' are irrelevant. You were not punished in any way, you simply had the thread deleted because it was reported twice officially to the site as a scam. Which means that whatever it is your promised in the thread was not being met.

    Like I said before, the first time I ignored it, could be a mistake, or chuck it up to angry customer, but 2 people. I don't take risks. However I decided NOT to ban you or infract you. That's about as much of a clemency as you get.

    This is NOT up to discussion. You made your argument, I explained why it was deleted the end. Anymore threads and a ban will go into effect for pointless disputes.
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